The Anex Bulletin

The Anex Bulletin is a specialty publication for workers in Australia’s needle and syringe programs (NSPs).

Penington Institute is funded by the Federal Department of Health to produce the Anex Bulletin. The Bulletin will be published every four months. For the first time, the Bulletin is being published in an electronic format – with the aim of capitalising on technology to reach more NSP workers across Australia.

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Editorial Reference Panel

  • Jude Bevan – WA Health
  • Phil Hull – ACT Health
  • Robert Kemp – Queensland Health
  • Stephen Lymb – Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia
  • David Decolongon – NT Department of Health
  • Myf Briggs – Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania
  • Paul Maher – Department of Health and Human Services Victoria
  • Gary Gahan – NSW Health