Professor Ian Gust AO
Professor Ian Gust AO

Professor Ian Gust is an eminent Australian medical researcher, virologist, and former science administrator. His leadership roles have included inaugural Director of the Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research (now the Burnet Institute), and Director of Research and Development for the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, later listed as CSL Limited, where he was closely involved in its successful expansion.

Since retiring, he has been Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and consultant to organisations such as WHO and UNICEF.

“Much of my work has been in hepatitis B and hepatitis C and HIV­ – diseases that are transmitted in the IV drug-using population,” he said. “And so I became very interested in how you address this public health issue.”

He supports Penington Institute because it demonstrates leadership in these areas.

“The institute’s greatest potential contribution lies in its ability to create a rational public debate and generate good data about drug and alcohol issues.”