Programs and campaigns

Penington Institute raises awareness of the many ways that substance use affects us all – personally, socially and economically – and promotes policies and practices to prevent and reduce harm to people in the community.

We help communities develop more effective, cost-efficient and compassionate ways to prevent and respond to problematic drug use. We do this through research analysis, promotion of effective strategy and action, workforce education and public awareness activities.

We work to connect research to current realities and support translation into action on the ground via policy, program and service delivery.

We will continue to collaborate with, and represent a broad range of sectors and organisations who work to minimise harm from drug use.

Penington Institute’s work is informed by its programs.

  • Anex
  • COPE (Community Overdose Prevention and Education)
  • Lucid
  • International Overdose Awareness Day


Working with health professionals Anex:

  • Delivers training, support and information networking to the health workforce, including those focused on communicable diseases, alcohol and other drugs and primary health care.
  • Promotes evidence-based practice, especially for needle and syringe programs (NSPs) and other services minimising drug-related harm to individuals and the wider community.


Community Overdose Prevention and Education (COPE) is saving lives by supporting health professionals to provide prevention training including information on and access to the overdose reversal drug naloxone to people most at risk of opioid overdose and those most likely to witness overdose.


This program supports employers, staff and community organisations by providing consultation and training to employers and employees and members of the community on how to manage drug and alcohol issues.

International Overdose Awareness Day

International Overdose Awareness Day is a campaign that promotes drug overdose prevention and awareness messages and supports families who have lost loved ones to overdose.

The campaign runs throughout the year, culminating in high-profile support on 31 August when organisations all around the world run events and spread health and safety information. Most importantly, International Overdose Awareness Day allows people to come together and tackle overdose as a community.

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