COPE – Overdose First Aid

Learn more about opioid overdose and naloxone. Read more.

New injecting equipment now available in Victoria

As of May 2017 two new brands of 27 gauge 1 ml injecting equipment are available in Victoria via the NSP order system. Read more.

Safer Injecting Resources

Update on injecting equipment in Victoria and resources to support safer injecting. Read more.

Overdose Prevention Resources

Penington Institute has launched two new overdose prevention resources to educate people around how to recognise and respond to opioid overdose, including administering the life-saving medication naloxone. Read more.

Hepatitis C Resources

A new generation of direct-acting antiviral medications are now available to Australians living with chronic hepatitis C. They are more effective, easier to take and have fewer side-effects than the older medications. The Australian Government has listed these new medicines on the PBS, ensuring they are accessible and affordable to all people with hepatitis C. Read more.

Citric Acid Resource

An information sheet is available about Afghan / brown heroin and citric acid. Read more.

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