Update on injecting equipment in Victoria and resources to support safer injecting

Terumo are no longer manufacturing the 1ml 27 gauge syringe in the United States. This means that the US-made Terumo equipment is no longer available to order through the NSP orders system, and is therefore no longer available for NSP clients.

The shift to Korean-made Terumo equipment has led to issues for NSPs and their clients. Some reports indicate that dissatisfaction with the Korean-made Terumo equipment has led to increased rates of sharing and re-using. This is a significant public health risk and we all have a role in trying to educate clients around safer use messages.

Penington Institute is working with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to secure alternative equipment through a consumer feedback survey process. It’s likely that the other brands of equipment will start being distributed in early 2017.

What you can do to support safer injecting practices?

The NSP system is designed to reduce the spread of infection and the harms associated with drug use. The time you spend with clients helping them to more safely use the Korean-made equipment will help reduce the likelihood of re-using and sharing unsterile equipment. Please work closely with clients and encourage them to take equipment with them each time they visit the service (even more than they need if they’re having issues) – and use the resources to spread the word about how to more safely use the Korean equipment.

The resources

Below you can download three resources that you can use to support clients through this period until alternative equipment is available. These have been distributed in hard copy to all NSP and AOD services across Victoria.

Poster pi-sip-campaign-fact-sheet Postcard

Safer Using Tips Poster
Safer Using Tips Postcard
Fact Sheet

If you did not receive your resources in hard copy, or if you would like additional hard copies, please email info@penington.org.au and we will send you out a pack.

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