Vol 16 Edition 1

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NSW Coroner’s report into opioid deaths calls for drugs policy rethink

This report is the decision of Deputy State Coroner Harriet Grahame released on 1 March 2019 relating to the Inquest into the deaths of DB, RG, AH, JD, DC and AB. The recommendations (from page 41) include the call for a NSW Drug Summit and better access to take-home naloxone. View Report.


International Overdose Awareness Day: Partners Report released

The 2018 International Overdose Awareness Day was the most successful ever, thanks to the tireless commitment and energy of hundreds of campaign organisers around the world. This report celebrates the efforts and achievements of these partners. View Report.


Latest research finds the death penalty for drug offences at a tipping point

Executions for drug offences have fallen nearly 90 per cent since 2015, according to Harm Reduction International’s new report, The Death Penalty for Drug Offences: Global Overview 2018. View Report.


It’s all in the wastewater!

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has published the latest national wastewater analysis report on licit and illicit drug use.  The ACIC say that the publication covers 56 per cent of the population (around 13 million Australians). View Report.

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