Vol 14 Edition 3

In Brief

Penington Institute was recently advised by the Australian Government Department of Health that funding for the Anex Bulletin had been extended until the June 2019 edition.

CEO of Penington Institute John Ryan said that this good news confirmed at least five more editions of the publication, after the current edition.

“The Anex Bulletin is an important information resource for frontline workers in Australia’s Needle and Syringe Program. It connects the latest evidence with stories about people and places from around the country,” John said.

WA AIDS Council encounters “not in my backyard” about mobile van

In July there were media stories about criticisms of the location of the WA AIDS Council’s mobile Needle and Syringe Exchange Program (NSEP) van.

The WA AIDS Council has operated the NSEP van from near the Gosnells Markets since 2001. Between 2001 and 2016 no official complaints were received from clients or community members.

The Gosnells District Progress and Ratepayers Association president Sandra Baraiolo is reported in WAToday as saying that people were picking up their injecting equipment from the van then injecting drugs within the markets. Sandra asked for the van to be moved to “a more discreet location”.

NSEP Project Officer with the WA AIDS Council, Rebecca Craft told the Anex Bulletin that after moving to a site in Maddington for a week, the van returned to the markets for occupational health and safety reasons.

“The van continues to attract the same amount of clients and holds the same equipment return rate,” Rebecca said.

“The service has received positive ongoing support from the community.”

National Drug Strategy released

In May 2017 the Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum endorsed Australia’s National Drug Strategy 2017- 2026. The ten-year strategy was released in July. Harm reduction remains one of the three pillars of harm minimisation, along with demand reduction and supply reduction.

The strategy can be viewed here: www.health.gov.au/drugstrategy

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