Vol 13 Edition 1

Welcome back to the Anex Bulletin

After a two-year hiatus, we are thrilled to once again connect Australia’s Needle and Syringe Program frontline workers.

For a long time, the Anex Bulletin was an essential information resource for NSP staff and a forum to share stories of people and places from across Australia. We intend to continue that tradition.

The Anex Bulletin aims to canvas a range of NSP-related issues and keep harm reduction workers up-to-date with new information and research findings. It has been funded by the Federal Department of Health for four editions over the next year. For the first time, it is being distributed in an electronic format but printfriendly, so please print for your colleagues and forward.

My ambition is to build on the Anex Bulletin’s rich history of nurturing connections within a community of workers that is disparate in terms of geographical location, but one with shared aspirations.

The Bulletin has a long history: it was funded by successive Australian Governments from the publication’s launch in 2002 until August 2014. During that time, it was the only regular publication researched and written specifically for people working in NSPs in Australia.

Likewise, Penington Institute has a rich background. An independent drug research, training and education organisation officially launched in 2014, it grew out of the vibrant work of Anex (Association of Needle Exchanges), a body that forged close to 20 years’ experience working with people directly affected by problematic drug use.

Our thanks to the many people who advocated for continued funding of the Anex Bulletin.

John Ryan,
Chief Executive Officer, Penington Institute Editor-in-Chief, Anex Bulletin



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