Vol 16 Edition 3

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Health, rights and drugs: Harm reduction, decriminalization and zero discrimination for people who use drugs
As a new chapter in the response to the world drug problem begins, UNAIDS is calling on countries to adopt the recommendations contained within this report, and to rapidly transform those commitments into laws, policies, services and support that allow people who use drugs to live healthy and dignified lives.

Finding a needle in a haystack: Take-Home Naloxone in England 2017/18
Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all have national naloxone programmes and report on THN provision, whereas in England the responsibility to provide THN is devolved to local authorities and there is no requirement to report on THN provision at the national level.


Naloxone access and advocacy project (UK): Process and findings report
EuroNPUD (European Network of People who Use Drugs)
Concerned that access to naloxone remains unnecessarily restricted, (EuroNPUD) undertook a project aimed at improving naloxone access and advocacy in the UK. Drawing on an action research project piloted in three UK cities, the report sets out background, method, findings, advocacy strategies and recommendations for enhanced naloxone access, particularly through the deployment of peer-to-peer distribution.