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New data on cannabis availability, use and treatment from the AIHW further supports the urgent need for sensible cannabis regulation. 

Following the release of new data from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), Penington Institute is calling for urgent attention from governments to reduce community harms by introducing a regulated cannabis market for adult use.   The AIHW Trends in Cannabis Availability, Use, and Treatment in Australia, 2013–14 to 2021–22 report reveals findings in cannabis […]

VICE: Medical Marijuana Australia – The VICE Guide on How To Get It

John Ryan, Penington Institute CEO, was recently featured in VICE Australia’s comprehensive guide on medicinal cannabis (also known as a medical marijuana). He spoke about the continuing challenges with patient access to medicinal cannabis as outlined in our Cannabis in Australia 2022 and 2023 reports. Read the full guide here: