Position Vacant: Workforce Development Trainer

Workforce Development Trainer Part time/full time Working at Penington Institute means that you’re passionate about the world’s public health. You understand the challenges we face supporting approaches to drug use that promote safety and human dignity. You are up for the challenge and believe you can make a positive contribution. You love exploring ideas, sharing your knowledge and working with [...]

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Change of Auditor for Penington Institute

Penington Institute has changed its auditors following a decision of the Board on 25 June 2019 which was endorsed by members at the AGM on 19 November 2019. The decision to change auditors was based on the recommendation of the Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee to change auditors at regular intervals. The previous auditors had been in place for 10 years. The [...]

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Penington Institute is responding to the unfolding COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak by creating a series of informational resources for people who use drugs, their family and friends, and the sector. These resources are designed to provide clear and practical advice. Read more

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Overdose and Response in Victoria – Seminar

Frontline initiatives to prevent fatal overdose in Victoria Deaths from unintentional overdose are growing. These deaths are, by definition, preventable. However, there are no silver bullets – sophisticated and evidence-based responses are needed to reduce the toll of unintentional overdose. This seminar will provide a brief overview of unintentional overdose deaths in Victoria before discussing three responses: Victoria’s Real-Time Prescription [...]

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Life Savers global launch exposes opioid treatment

Penington Institute, the not-for-profit convenor of International Overdose Awareness Day, is today launching the website, Life Savers,1 a brief guide to treatment for people concerned about their usage of opioid drugs, their family members and friends, as well as a resource for healthcare providers. As the number of people developing dependencies and suffering harms from opioids increases, so too does [...]

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Australia’s annual overdose report 2019 released

The toll of unintentional overdose deaths in Australia: Penington Institute Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2019 reveals that unintentional overdose continues to be a significant cause of death in Australia. The continued growth in unintentional overdose deaths is linked to highly potent drugs, many of which are available through prescription, such as pharmaceutical opioids and benzodiazepines. Illegal drugs such as heroin and stimulants [...]

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Penington Institute calls for strong action on pregabalin (Lyrica®)

Lyrica®: Filling a pain fap or emerging threat? Penington institute recently hosted a public information forum with experts speakers discussing pregabalin (sold as Lyrica®). Subsidised as an antiepileptic and to treat neuropathic pain, prescriptions rates have increased dramatically in recent years, along with reports of harms relating to use. Dr Shaun Greene (Austin Health) Dr Rose Crossin (Penington Institute) and [...]

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