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COPE Training

We provide free COPE training for Victoria's NSP and MSIR workers

The Federal Government has committed to funding free naloxone across Australia’s states and territories as part of the national roll-out of the Take Home Naloxone program. Our COPE (community overdose prevention education) training has been updated to support this.

The Victorian Department of Health has endorsed Penington Institute’s COPE training as the approved free online naloxone administration training to Victorian frontline NSP and MSIR workers.

To supply naloxone to clients, approved workers must complete the COPE training (or have completed it since 1 October 2018 following the inclusion of Nxyoid nasal spray content). The training will cover recognising and responding to an opioid overdose, naloxone administration and aftercare, as well as additional information about naloxone ordering, storage and data collection. 

The training involves a 90-minute online session, followed by the successful completion of a ten-question online assessment. Individuals must register for a session, which will be attended by participants from various NSPs and MSIR across Victoria. 

The department of health will provide an update on a timeline for the Take-Home Naloxone Program launch after the conclusion of the caretaker period for the 2022 Victorian election.

COPE training for Naloxone Subsidy Initiative (NSI) provider and other NSP staff 2023

Penington Institute is using this form to collect the names and email addresses of those Victorian NSP workers who still need to undergo the COPE training.

Click here to access the form.