Educational Resources

Here you’ll find posters, fact sheets, videos and news articles that provide practical information for people who work with people who use drugs.

These resources can all be downloaded and shared.


Penington Institute is responding to the unfolding COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak by creating a series of informational resources for people who use drugs, their family and friends, and the sector.

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Safer Using Series Resources

Penington Institute has developed a suite of new resources for NSPs, including Safer Using Series booklets, NSP Handbook, NSP Calendar, Injecting Equipment Poster, Safe Retrieval and Disposal brochure, Confidentiality Poster.

Download the Safer Using Resources Series here.

Stimulant overdose

Stimulant drugs increase alertness and heart rate, producing an effect of increased confidence and energy. But people who take large doses of these drugs risk feeling anxiety, panic, seizures, headaches, stomach cramps, aggression and paranoia.

Find out more about signs of overdose, overdose response and the recovery position.

Codeine Re-scheduling

As of February 2018, codeine is only available with a prescription in Australia. From this date, pharmacies will not sell over-the-counter medicines with codeine. For more information, see:

Codeine – information for NSP workers
Codeine – information for NSP clients

COPE – Overdose First Aid

Many of the 523 overdose deaths that happened in Victoria in 2017 could have been prevented if there were witnesses and bystanders who carried naloxone and had been trained in how to use it. Learn more about opioid overdose and naloxone.

Hepatitis C Resources

A new generation of PBS-listed medications are now available for Australians living with chronic hepatitis C. Learn more about their benefits, who they can help, how doctors prescribe them and what they cost here.


Pregabalin, better known as Lyrica®, is a medicine prescribed for nerve pain, epilepsy and anxiety. However, its use carries risks which it is important to know about. Learn more about pregabalin’s effects, risks, withdrawal, dependence and to how to use it more safely.

Secure Dispensing Units

Secure Dispensing Units (SDUs) are self-contained units that hold and supply sterile injecting equipment. Learn more about SDUs, where and why they’re used, considerations to make before introducing SDUs and the costs of using them.

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Stimulant Overdose

Stimulants are a category of drug that increase alertness and heart rate, producing an effect of increased confidence, and energy.  View fact sheet.

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