Penington Institute welcomes enquiries from anyone seeking expert comment concerning drug use in the community.

Our team has provided comment on issues as diverse as overdose, cannabis legalisation, pill-testing, drug testing of welfare recipients, and the harms associated with specific types of drugs.

Our flagship campaigns, such as International Overdose Awareness Day, along with major projects such as Australia’s Annual Overdose Report, attract substantial media coverage.

Please direct your enquiry to Sian Kilgour, Director of Strategic Communications, on 0402 068 398 or at

If you want to keep up to date with what we’ve been up to, visit our Updates page.

Penington Institute in the news

Here’s a small selection of our recent mentions in the media:

The Guardian website, March 8 2022: ‘People don’t choose to become addicts’: the push to end Victoria’s war on drugs

YourLifeChoices website, February 14 2022: Prescription drug abuse a continuing problem for older Aussies

Vice website, February 8 2022: Should We Be Worried About Australia’s Off-Label Drug Prescriptions?

The Australian, December 1 2021: The opioid crisis and the crimes that paid

ABC radio Australia Wide, September 29 2021: Drug overdoses and addictions are crippling WA’s northwest

ABC News website, September 29 2021: Drug overdoses, addictions are crippling the Kimberley, but for these people there’s hope

The Mildura Times, September 13 2021: Mildura accidental drug overdose deaths rise, Penington Institute finds

The Gympie Times, September 6 2021: Wide Bay’s grim drug overdose reality revealed in new report

The Daily Advertiser, September 3 2021: Wagga region’s accidental drug overdoses up by 33 per cent since 2005, Penington Institute finds

The Sydney Morning Herald, September 2 2021: We live longer and healthier than ever, but Australia’s COVID mismanagement jeopardises this proud record

The Daily Telegraph, September 1 2021: Overdose death: Martin family speaks of heartache amid ‘crisis’

ABC News website, September 1 2021: WA leads the nation with the highest number of drug overdose deaths

The Herald Sun, August 31 2021: John Ryan: Australia needs to wake up to its drug problems

ABC News website, August 31 2021: Naloxone can stop drug overdoses leading to deaths, so advocates want it in wider use

The Stable website, August 31 2021: D.O.A: Think Drug Warnings Are A Joke? Jimeoin Is About To Change That

AJP website, August 31 2021: ‘Overdose hides in plain sight.’

BusinessWire website, August 31 2021: Masimo Partners with Penington Institute to Raise Awareness of Harm from PRescription Opioid Overdose

News website, August 31 2021: Urgent call to combat crisis killing more Aussies than Covid-19

The Daily Telegraph, August 31 2021: Report reveals drug overdoses are killing more Australians than road accidents

Bendigo Advertiser, August 31 2021: Penington Institute’s annual report: overdose higher in the regions

Townsville Bulletin, August 31 2021: Stark warning issued about Townsville’s silent killer

Geelong Advertiser, August 31 2021: More Geelong residents dying from drug overdoses

Bay 93.9 FM website, August 31 2021: Geelong’s overdose deaths rise

Youth Projects website, August 30 2021: The silent epidemic of accidental overdose in Victoria

The Advocate, August 25 2021: You don’t have to have an addiction to have an overdose

The Daily Telegraph, August 16 2021: Opioid overdose death toll rising in Australia and experts say it needs to be tackled

The Age, July 30 2021: $40m psychedelic medicine institute launches in Melbourne

Safework Laboratories website, June 18 2021: Drug overdose kills more Australians than road accidents

The Australian, June 14 2021: Operation Ironside: Drug busts will never top policy reform as a lasting fix

The Strategist, May 12 2021: Australia needs drug testing and opioid blockers to reduce overdose deaths

The Age, March 1 2021: Changing tastes and long lockdown the perfect storm for cocaine use

Geelong Advertiser, April 12 2021: Geelong’s ice ‘overdose crisis’ puts strain on ambo call-outs

The Age, March 7 2021: Rise in Victorian drug overdose deaths as treatment options narrow

Herald Sun, February 14 2021: GHB on the rise as ice supply drops due to border closures

Policy Forum, January 20 2021: Australia’s approach to drug use and drug users is broken

The Mildura News, September 13 2020: Mildura accidental drug overdose deaths rise, Penington Institute finds

Herald Sun, August 30 2020: Average of one Victorian dying a day from drug overdose, says new Penington Institute report

ABC News, February 13 2020: ‘Accidental overdose victim’s daughter calls for mandatory scheme to stop dangerous drug sales’

Geelong Advertiser, February 6 2020: ‘Deadly drug cocktails, alcohol abuse fuelling increasing Geelong hospital admissions’

Canberra Times, February 3 2020: ‘Legal cannabis a good step, but drug war hangover remains’

Daily Mail Australia, December 8 2019: ‘Desperate warning issued as three people die of suspected drug overdoses within 24 hours after using liquid ecstasy’

Sydney Morning Herald, October 30 2019: ‘New opioid overdose antidote to gain PBS listing’

Herald Sun, October 20 2019: ‘Penington Institute calls for a pregabalin investigation.’ (subscription required)

The Australian, October 14 2019: ‘Crime-fighting dividends in decriminalising cannabis’ (subscription required)

The Age, August 30 2019: ‘He was the light to my darkness: Removing the stigma of drug overdoses.’

Triple M news, August 29 2019: ‘Drug overdose-related deaths in regional areas on the rise.’

Bendigo Advertiser, August 28 2019: ‘Drug-related deaths on the rise in Bendigo and beyond.’

The Daily Telegraph, August 27 2019: ‘Suburbs where Aussies are dying from drug overdoses’ (subscription required)

ABC Radio’s AM, August 27 2019: ‘Huge rise in accidental drug overdoses nationally.’

The Guardian, August 27 2019: ‘Drug overdoses kill one Australian every five hours.’

Sky News TV report, August 27 2019: ‘Fatal drug overdoses soar nationwide.’

ABC News website, August 27 2019: ‘What is naloxone, the “EpiPen of overdose”, and why are so few Tasmanians using it?’

RACGP, August 26 2019: ‘Advocates hail ‘game changing’ PBS listing of buprenorphine’

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