Penington Institute acknowledges the importance of individual responsibility in relation to substance use, as well as the role of government and community to address the risks that contribute to problematic use of licit and illict drugs and alcohol.

Unsafe drug use is an issue that needs to be looked at from an economic perspective so we can more cost effectively protect health and community safety.

Our values

  • Productivity: We support actions that deliver the best health, social and economic returns.
  • Integrity:  Drug use is a complex issue. We advocate fair, evidence-based systems that improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.
  • Compassion: We do not condone drug use, but work to protect people from drug-related harm when at their most vulnerable.  Feasible and accessible options are needed to help reduce the risks associated with the use of different types of drugs, including pharmaceuticals alcohol and nicotine.
  • Persistence: We believe that responding to drug use requires innovation and evaluation of a combination of approaches. There is no simple solution but by persisting, we will make a positive difference.
  • Empowerment: Tackling drug problems is a shared responsibility. We acknowledge individual responsibility tempered with government and community support in order to generate positive change.

Our approach 

Penington Institute advances health and community safety by connecting substance use research to practical action.

Drug use trends, drug development and markets historically move faster than research and policy responses.

With our outreach to the front line we are well-placed to know and understand the realities of how drugs are impacting communities  – well before the published literature surfaces significant issues.

We add our front-line knowledge and experience to our analysis of the evidence to help support more practical research and policy and the development of support services and public health campaigns.

Our strong, diverse networks provide an excellent platform for building widespread support for effective initiatives.

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