New overdose prevention resources from Penington Institute aim to make more people lifesavers

Penington Institute has launched two new overdose prevention resources to educate people around how to recognise and respond to opioid overdose, including administering the life-saving medication naloxone.

Naloxone: saving lives, is for people who are at risk of opioid overdose and their friends and families. It explains how to recognise the signs of overdose and safely administer naloxone.

Naloxone: experience and perspectives – is for frontline workers and people who are at risk of overdose. In the video, police, ambulance officers, doctors and health workers speak about the lifesaving capacity of naloxone, and their support for its use in a community setting.”

Studies report that in 60 per cent of fatal opioid overdoses, someone else was present – so knowing how to recognise and respond to overdose can make a world of difference in an emergency.

The videos were developed in partnership with the Stepping Up Consortium.


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