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Between Us “Wash Your Hands” A3 Poster

Penington Institute

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The Between Us Campaign is designed to help people who use drugs to have the right information to be safe and healthy. It focuses on key topics for people who use drugs: pharmacotherapy, overdose and naloxone, benzodiazepines (benzos), infection control and telehealth.

This resource is an A3 Poster designed to be displayed in places where people who use drugs may be. Poster headline: “Between us, wash your hands.” Between Us, sterile equipment helps stop infection.
Keeping yourself safe is very important.

“Dirty hit” is a catch-all term for when you’ve injected something that makes you feel sick. It’s often because there was something nasty in the hit, like bacteria, fungus or some type of germ or dirt.

This work has been developed in partnership with Harm Reduction Victoria (HRVic) and the Association of Participating Service Users (APSU).

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