COVID-19 Talking Points

Answering common questions and concerns:

If vaccination numbers are high now, why do I need to get vaccinated?

  • So you don’t get the virus, get sick and get put in hospital.
  • If you get vaccinated that will reduce chances of passing on the virus if you do get it.
  • We need everyone who can get vaccinated to do so as this is the best way to stop it spreading through our community.

Will it make me sick?

  • Consider telling them about your experience getting the vaccination and the side effects.
  • Most side effects are mild (for example, a sore arm or a headache) and don’t last long. These side effects are a sign the vaccine is working to train your immune system to fend off the worst of COVID-19 if you’re ever exposed to it.

Why do I need two?

  • To get the best protection, two doses are needed because one is not effective enough. Two doses gives you the best immunity against COVID-19.
  • Two doses means you’re less likely to get COVID-19, less likely to pass it on, and that you’ll get less sick if you do get it.

I don’t have a Medicare Card

  • No problem: there’s lots of places you can go to get the vaccine where you won’t need one.

What’s the difference between them all?

  • All of the options available are safe and effective and have had loads of research done and millions of doses given globally safely.
  • Pfizer and Moderna are preferred vaccines for people under 60.

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