COVID-19 Talking Points

These talking points are designed to help create conversations with people about COVID-19 vaccination access, and some simple key messages. While vaccination rates are continuing to increase, there remains a need to continue to support some community members with navigating barriers to access. Conversations to support getting the second vaccination are also important.

Starting the conversationFocus on positives – Trusted personal messaging. Find a way to connect by talking about yourself or others who have been vaccinated. Some example conversation starters might include:

  1. How have you been with all these lockdowns -isn’t it great we’re able to start to come back together again?
  • The numbers getting vaccination are looking good – looks like we’ll be able to see our mates more now. Have you had yours yet?
  • Isn’t it great how many of us are vaccinated – more than 80% and increasing every day– have you had yours yet?
  1. How’s things for you? Have you been managing ok with all these lockdowns?
  • I (we all here) got vaccinated a while ago. Do you need any advice or help about getting your vaccination?
  • Once we all get vaccinated the virus can’t spread as easily through the community anymore. It’s going to make a big difference. This means we’ve looked after everyone.
  1. Do you need any help about the vaccine? I’ve got a list that I can check where you can get one today.
    • They’re lots of places you can go today to get your vaccine. There’s a place close by that’s accepting walk-ins.
    • We’ve received some updated information about local places where people can walk in to get a vaccination without a booking.

Download Talking Points PDF

Key messages

  1. The vaccines work.
  2. The vaccines stop you from getting sick and help keep you out of hospital.
  3. The vaccines reduce your chances of getting infected, so you don’t accidentally pass it on to those you love.
  4. Getting vaccinated is just the same as using a clean fit – it helps keep you from getting and from accidentally passing it on to a mate.
  5. Getting vaccinated is what we can ALL do to help end the outbreaks and lockdowns, and get back to doing the things we want to do with all the people we want to.