Overdoses are devastating communities throughout Australia.

Penington Institute’s Overdose Response Resources page is for people at risk of overdose, families and carers, people who work with them and the general public.

Here, you will find educational videos and fact sheets to help you reduce the risk of overdose in your community.

Educational videos to save lives

Fact sheets to reduce overdose

Stimulant Overdose Fact Sheet

This educational resource contains important information for people who may witness somebody overdose on stimulants such as ice, cocaine and MDMA. Download the fact sheet to learn more about what stimulants are, how to recognise the signs of a stimulant overdose, how to respond to one and how to help somebody into the recovery position.

Codeine Rescheduling Information

Since February 2018, codeine has only been available in Australia with a prescription. Pharmacies no longer sell over-the-counter medicines with codeine. Our fact sheets for NSP workers and clients include important harm reduction information to be aware of to help prevent this change having potentially harmful unintended consequences.

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