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The Age: ‘Prohibition is failing’: Ex-AFP boss says criminalising cannabis use does more harm than good

In this article, reporter for The Age Jewel Topsfield writes about the inaugural David Penington Oration which was hosted by Penington Institute yesterday at Parliament House in Melbourne. She spoke with the event Orator Mr Mick Palmer AO APM, former Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, about his views on cannabis law reform.

Mr Palmer shared how his personal and career experiences have led to his conclusion that our approach to cannabis in Australia, “is not just failing, it is causing real harm.”

Through our research, Penington Institute makes a similar determination that cannabis law reform is needed urgently to protect people and communities from unnecessary harms. Our Cannabis in Australia 2022 report found that over 700,000 people were arrested for cannabis-related offences over a 10-year period from 2011 and that around 90% of these arrests were for personal use and possession, not for dealing and trafficking.

Penington Institute supports a balanced model for Australia that facilitates a steady nationwide shift to legal, regulated cannabis, while also taking decisive steps to minimise the health harms that cannabis can cause.

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Date: Thu. 13 Jun 2024
Time: 08:30 am