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The Bulletin

The Bulletin is a specialty publication for workers on the frontline of drug issues in Australia, including needle and syringe program workers.

Published monthly, The Bulletin provides insights into the latest developments in drug-related issues and acts as a platform for workers to connect and share their experience and knowledge. With engaging stories, expert commentary, and a focus on the voices of lived experience, it is also a valuable resource for the whole community.

“There’s nothing else like The Bulletin. It’s a guide, an early warning system, a showcase of best practice and a forum to share the incredible knowledge of the frontline workforce.” – John Ryan, CEO of Penington Institute

The Bulletin

The Bulletin is supported by an Editorial Advisory Committee with representation from all states and territories.

Penington Institute is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health to produce The Bulletin. The Bulletin is published every month except for January and is freely available to read and download on The Bulletin website.


December 2022 | VOL. 19, ED. 6

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